Production is Underway

We are happy to update that our production is fully underway!

Last week we received and reviewed the first factory production Revolution Divers, and are pleased to say that we are now full swing in production. Cases are being milled, crystals being shaped and ground, dials being stamped, painted and printed; just to list a handful of the parts and processes necessary to bring together a dive watch that you will love!

Below is an image of the very first Diver off the line which we will be sharing more images of as we continue production :) Stay tuned!


Revolution Visits WindUP NYC

This weekend we had the pleasure of visiting WindUp NYC! Hosted annually in New York's Chelsea Market, the pop-up show is hosted by Worn and Wound, a prominent watch review site with a focus on independent and high value watchmaking. The show itself was packed with people, each booth was full of both watch fans and folks who wandered in off the street. We got the chance to catch up with a couple friends in the industry, and meet some new fans. The show is open tomorrow until 7pm tomorrow; if you're in the area it is worth checking out.

On the Revolution Diver, all is going smoothly on the transition to full production and we will have some exciting news to share this week. Stay tuned!


Packaging Sample Approved and Case Update

Great news! We have received our sample packaging for the Revolution Diver. With a high gloss piano black box and cream interior, the box makes a great presentation for the Diver.


We have approved the box sample and are moving to production on those.

On to the Diver itself! The final case sample is complete and en route to us to sign off on, and the dial sample production is underway! (process pictures below :) ) We expect the dial to be done next week, and upon arrival we will get a complete production prototype together ASAP. Stay tuned!


Production Samples Underway

Following our last update, we wanted to share that our Revolution Diver's production-line sample parts are currently being prepared by our factory for review. We anticipate being able to visit the factory in just a couple weeks and confirm that we are clear to move full steam ahead into production.

We are on target for our delivery estimate, and will keep you in the loop as we move forward!


All Creative Assets Approved

This week's update:
We are ready to roll! We have signed off on all aspects of the Revolution Diver, deposits have been placed, and we are moving forward to production line samples. These parts will be the first samples to come directly off the factory floor for us to extensively test and validate the production Diver will perform exactly as designed.

For timing, it may take between 6-8 weeks to receive these samples from the factory. This is consistent with the production plan we drafted going into our Indiegogo campaign, so we are currently on track for our delivery target. We will continue to keep you updated as progress continues!


5th update.jpg

Diver's Case Engineering Approved

This week's update:
After careful review, we have approved the full stack of engineering drawings from last week for our Revolution Diver's case! Based on how thorough the drawings were, we are confident the upcoming production line samples will retain the same high quality of our initial prototypes. We are thrilled to have this part of the process complete!

With the engineering confirmed, the case factory will begin work on production line case samples this week. Internally at Revolution, our next steps will be to approve the drawings of the dial and other creative elements of the Revolution Diver's overall design. We will keep you in the loop!


4th update.jpg

Full Engineering Drawings Received

This week's update:
This week we received the full set of production engineering drawings from our factory. These drawings are very thorough, containing the designs and tolerances for every component going into the Revolution Diver all the way down to the strap's spring bars. They are created from the original engineering work our Revolution team did during the prototype stage, and serve to confirm that everyone involved with production is on the same page.

Over the next week we will review each part to ensure they are consistent with the original design and our prototypes. Once they are signed off on, the next steps will be starting to cut metal on production line samples. Stay tuned!


3rd update.jpg

Production Plan Approved!

This week's update:
We returned to our primary factory this week to review the production plan for the Revolution Diver, which we have signed and approved!

Over the next 2 weeks we will be transferring artwork, fonts, and other important assets to the production team. Later, we will be returning to sign off on final engineering drawings so we can take the next steps towards production line samples. Stay tuned for more news next week!


2nd update.jpg

Getting Started On Production!

The next steps begin! 
Now that our Indiegogo campaign is closed, we are getting started on our next steps to produce the Revolution Diver! It's been a long time coming, so we are thrilled to be at this stage.

Progress so far:
This past week we had a successful planning meeting with our primary factory at their HQ. In the meeting we went over the finer details of the Revolution Diver and set production quantities. The factory now has the information they need to start procuring materials, and next week we will be back with them to review the production plan. We will be back with an update next week to keep you in the loop.


1st update.png